Corporate Profile

We strive to create and nurture long-term relationships by first developing a robust knowledge of our clients’ needs and goals, and once we understand the true nature of a project’s scope and potential we are able to execute a superior level of performance with a long term commitment to quality and customer service.
— The CloverLeaf Group, LLC

History & Background

Founded in 2007, The CloverLeaf Group, LLC is a commercial construction management and general contracting company based in Athens, Georgia.  Our group is committed to building exceptional projects through creative design and detailed efficiency.  We are a licensed general contractor in multiple states throughout the Southeastern United States, and our management team has combined professional backgrounds that allow for the capacity to manage of all facets of the development and construction process.

Success in our industry demands continuous adaptability, creativity, and innovation, so we choose to be transparent and collaborative by working closely with our clients to build rapport and to understand the true delineation of their foresight for a project.  An organization that is able to develop, nurture, and manage new ideas using technology and other resources can accommodate the ever changing needs of its clientele. By providing a wide range of services combined with a team of experienced industry professionals, the CloverLeaf is able to deliver superior value and versatility to any project we take on. We have seen year to year growth and expansion since its inception and has completed projects in multiple markets with a combined experience of over $200+ million in projects specific to the construction industry.

Philosophy & Values

The CloverLeaf Group understands that quality customer service is vital to recurrent business, and a large part of our work is obtained through our relationships with others. This is one of the reasons we take pride in our commitment to customer service and to implementing innovative ideas, extensive research, and uncompromising quality.  Our group is characterized by a dependable work ethic predicated on strong core values, and while our clients are always first, we believe that business should be good for all involved.

key strengths

CloverLeaf works with a diverse base of design professionals including architects; civil engineers; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers; landscape architects; and interior designers amongst others. We also utilize Procore Technologies and maintain a wide sub-contractor network to utilize from a boots on the ground perspective when cosidering us for hire.  



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