Construction Services

"Our construction experience ranges from site and civil
to wood framing, structural steel and interior assembly."


Planning & Permits Coordination – CloverLeaf facilitates the plans review and permitting process which expedites the time frame for approvals.  In turn, this allows potential for earlier start and completion dates for owners. We also introduce our team to the coordinating local and state agencies; by connecting with these agencies, we more fully understand their processes for people, paperwork, inspections, close-out and costs.

Project Management – Project Managers carry a large role that ranges from procurement of subcontractors and materials to ongoing management of contracts, budgets, schedules, submittals and requests for information (RFI).  They also serve as a liaison to the owner representative and lead progress meetings to review the project's course.  Our Project Managers are involved through every step of the project to maintain tight control and produce an exceptional project.  We utilize UDA Construction Suite to facilitate this management process.

Subcontractor & Vendor Contract Management – Proper buyout of a project is essential to providing the highest value in terms of costs and scheduling. Subcontractors and Vendors must be qualified to ensure stability, capacity, resources and workload.  Understanding the importance of detailed contracts, term agreements, insurance requirements and other proactive liability practices creates a vested interest for all involved.

RFI & Submittal Management – A proper submittal review provides a critical check-and-balance during the construction phase. This is done to ensure that the end result conforms to the design intent reflected in the construction documents. The RFI process is used for the notification of errors, when conflicts or omissions are discovered in a design, and it is the method by which we document this communication to address these issues.

Jobsite & Quality Control Management – Our experienced Superintendents are the front line coordination for our sub-trades and suppliers.  Onsite management is central to ensure proper performance of work and to place a strong emphasis on quality construction practices.  We are dedicated to producing projects of the highest quality, to reducing operating costs and to providing long-term satisfaction for our clients.

Safety Protocol – Safety and Risk Management during construction are a top priority and the safety program should see regular improvement. 1) Site specific safety plans are created and maintained for each project. 2) Recurring safety meetings are conducted by field supervisors to address specific topics of concern. 3) First Aid, CPR, and OSHA training allow for continuation of safety practices and hazard recognition.

Close-Out Documentation – An organized and thorough closeout program is a key component to a successful project transition.  Key elements include: providing occupancy and inspection approvals; execution of punch-list items; testing of equipment and systems; training of owner operation and maintenance manuals; attic stock materials; field record drawings; securing warranty documentation; final cost accounting; and final release of lien and payment requisitions.